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Please email artwork in vector format- EPS or AI (Preferred)

Corel Draw- Files should be saved as an eps file and all text converted to paths.


Adobe Illustrator-

Files should be saved as an AI file and text must be converted to outlines for your font to be usable.

Adobe Photoshop:
Image resolution must be at least 300 dpi and at the size you would like it printed. Please save your document as a psd with layers. Do not flatten the image or merge layers.

Internet Images:
JPGs, PNGs, & GIFs found on the internet are generally low resolution. We can use these files as reference when creating your artwork, but most of the time the files themselves are too small. They may appear fine on screen, but when they are enlarged for printing, these images becomes pixelated and blurry. Additional artwork fees may apply in order to convert or duplicate your file to a print ready format.


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Email Artwork To:

We Accept Payment By Phone With Card or Paypal-

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